The new joint venture shipyard developed in Ras Laffan, Qatar by Nakilat (Qatar Gas Transport Co Ltd) and the Damen Shipyards group has commenced yacht activity with four superyacht refir/repair contacts completed or underway.

This has been confirmed to SB by Jan-Wim Dekker, managing director of NDSQ who has provided information as far as he can within the limits of confidentiality of clients who in regard to the yacht work are from the Middle East and Far East. Some contacts were placed directly with NDSQ while marketing activity brought in others.

He states that the contracts gained so far “vary between 30m (98ft) and 55m (180ft) and are all motoryachts. In total NDSQ has secured four repair/refits jobs for 2013. They will all be completed in 2013. NDSQ has completed one of these projects in 2012.” Amels, the superyacht builder within the Damen group, are said not to be helping NDSQ with these contracts.

Dekker explains that NDSQ was set up to participate in both yacht and commercial work with the latter focusing on tugs, workboats, pilot boats and coastal naval vessels such as patrol craft. The yacht activities are planned to incorporate newbuild, refit and repair.

NDSQ’s yacht division has dedicated facilities that include two build halls each 180m (590ft) long with one being 37m (121ft) wide and the other 33m (108ft) wide. These are designed to construct yachts up to 170m (558ft). The disivison also has a bespoke workforce with yachting industry experience.

Another part of the shipyard complex focuses on repair work and include a 6,400 tonne lift capacity floating dock and two travel-lifts of 300 and 1,100 tonnes respectively.