Having delivered its first yacht built in China, the Argos 92, Tricon is now looking to further designs to increase its product range and open up expansion opportunities. As for the Argos 92, having completed its trials it is now available for sale at $6.2m, the top end of the price range for this yacht. Tricon tell SBN that the Argos G92 will appear at the Miami Boat Show.

As already reported in Superyacht Business, Tricon is currently building an Argos G100ft yacht as its second craft built in its dedicated Chinese yard. Yard number 3 is a new design, a 74ft series codenamed “NISI” which is due for completion in the fall of 2010. The G100 is currently being constructed on spec and is available for client customisation. It is due to be finished in 2011. Work on the Argos G125ft design is progressing and Tricon reports that it is currently in engineering phase and is expected to enter production in 2011.

As to the new “NISI” series, Tricon is able to tell SBN that: “It combines the best design elements of legendary vessels of the 1930’s and 40’s: A sleek, timeless style updated with the most advanced technologies available today in hull design, propulsion and engineering systems available in a sub-100ft yacht.”

In respect of the second phase of yard development, Tricon informs SBN the “Phase two expansion will be initiated at such time as Tricon receives an order over 145 feet.” In response to the market downturn the company says: “The current world economy has changed buyers’ value systems and has created a favourable market position for Tricon Marine. Our highly efficient state-of-the-art facility in China is unmatched in Europe and allows us to create yachts of uncompromising quality with numerous value-added features desired by today’s buyers better than competitors. There are still buyers but their approach to buying is different. Fortunately, we have the right facility producing the right product for today’s market.”