Andrew Winch Designs (AWD) is unveiling its new design for a superyacht helicopter based on the Eurocopter EC155 B1 Dauphin.

This launch of the new helicopter design follows AWD’s success a year ago, when it won the ultimate superyacht Range Rover design competition. “The key idea behind my concept is comfort, endless comfort, be it on land with the Range Rover, at sea with the yacht and in the air with a helicopter” explains Andrew Winch design director at AWD.

Aimed to compliment the Range Rover design, the re-designed EC155 B1 Dauphin features teak floorings, leather wrap around seats with carbon fibre back shells and ‘floating’ LCD screens. External styling is inspired by the contours of ocean waves.

Jamie Edmiston director from Edmiston says “Having worked in partnership with Eurocopter for the last 6 years, its great to be involved with such an innovative and exciting development of the relationship with both Eurocopter and Andrew Winch. The EC155 is the perfect addition to any yacht!” This helicopter will allow yacht owners to fly to and from the shore for pleasure or professional trips in style and comfort while saving considerable time and effort.