Kingship Marine has developed a new range of vessels it’s calling the Ocean SUV Series. Designed as a crossover between a leisure yacht and an expedition yacht, Kingship says they’ll feature comfort, storage and a practical interior layout along with economical and long-range cruising capabilities.

They come in three sizes of 27m (90ft), 35m (116ft) and 45m (150ft) and their range will be 5,000nm, 7,500nm, and 9500nm respectively.

Kingship Marines says the design, by Sergio Cutolo at Hydro Tec of Varazze in Italy, is comparable with the functional characteristics of a SUV/4-wheel drive car, but contrary to the four wheel ‘gas guzzlers’ will offer low fuel consumption allowing for extended expedition-style cruising.

The yachts provide for 10 guests and four crew, with classification for the SUV 27m (90ft) by RINA/ MGN 280 Code category 2. The SUV 35m (116ft) and SUV 45m (150ft) will both be in compliance with RINA/ MCA LY-2 unlimited.