A major new marina resort development is planned for the Caribbean island of Nevis. The new project, located at Tamarind Bay on the island’s northwest coast, is currently progressing through the planning requirements. The marina will have 123 berths, including 11 for superyachts up to a maximum length of 92m (302ft).

The promoter of the project, understood to be a local businessman, has recently had an environmental impact assessment study completed and this is currently subject to public consultation. In addition to the marina berths it is planned to include a range of yacht support services, and a residential and retail marina village including hospitality services.

If the marina wins approval it will significantly increase the yachting facilities in Nevis, which currently has only limited facilities and nothing to cater for superyachts. On the neighbouring St Kitts island it has the high profile Christophe Harbour project, which will include facilities for visiting superyachts.

If the Tamarind Bay project passes the environmental assessment, as is considered likely, then it will have to go to the island’s government for approval.