Leisure boating in Malaysia is expanding with the opening this year of the Straits Quay Marina in Penang. The Island State off the north west coast of Malaysia is one of the most important commercial and industrial hubs in the country.

Straits Quay Marina, owned by the Eastern and Oriental Hotel Group, is part of a leisure complex opened early this year with restaurants, bars, shops and a performing arts centre.

A 40 pontoon berth will accommodate boats from 10m-25m in length, including one superyacht berth.

The manager of marine operations, John Ferguson, says as of September, the complex is already running at 70 per cent occupancy with two thirds of the boats belonging to local owners.

The official opening of the Straits Quay complex is on 10 December this year.

Malaysia has 14 marinas and is unique in Asia and the World in having few restrictions for leisure boating.