The RAF Red Arrows Display Team are to be called in to action again this year at the Monaco Yacht Show, but this time their aerobatics are to be given a green stamp. Yacht Carbon Offset will join Pendennis Shipyard Ltd, SuperYacht World and SuperYacht Business magazines as sponsors of the display being organised by Superyacht UK. Yacht Carbon Offset has certified a Carbon Offset to balance the estimated greenhouse gas emissions from 7000 litres of Jet A1 fuel that the aircraft are estimated to use during the air display.

The burning of 7 or so tonnes of jet fuel will account for over 21 tons of carbon being emitted as the hydrocarbon fuel combines with oxygen from the atmosphere. Mark Robinson of Yacht Carbon Offset says “It amounts to a few hundred Euros worth of offset credits. It is difficult to be precise because prices change as the carbon market fluctuates but the Red Arrows always give an exhilarating display. They show confidence, expertise, grace and perfect timing. I’m really looking forward to their performance at the Monaco Yacht Show. We are delighted to support the team at Superyacht UK that has made it possible.”

At last years Monaco Yacht Show the Red Arrows provided a show-stopping spectacle for all attendees and provided fine representation for Britain.

The dramatic 30 minute display of airborne precision and excellence, will take place during the 2009 Show off the Outer Breakwater at 14.30 on 24th September 2009.