Refit has become the leading sector within the superyacht industry and it was therefore not surprising to see plenty of activity along the Repair & Refit Boulevard inside this year’s extended SuperYacht Pavilion at METS.

Several leading yards have chosen to take stands on this aisle in order to specifically market their refit capabilities. This includes Integrated Marine Group, which has also recently become a candidate member of the newly launched ICOMIA Superyacht Refit Group. The Superyacht Refit Group was conceived at a meeting during last year’s METS and has now gained an impressive and broad membership list.

“The formation of the Superyacht Refit Group represents a re-think by superyacht yards,” explains ICOMIA’s secretary general, Tony Rice. “There is now a very strong desire by many yards to work in cooperation globally in order to improve the overall experience for owners.”

As well as looking to recruit new members for the group, ICOMIA is also considering a number of other exciting long-term superyacht initiatives including common contracts.

Meanwhile, superyacht equipment suppliers have been giving a lot of positive feedback about the commercial value of being represented with the SuperYacht Pavilion. One supplier, Dometic, has stands in both Hall 1 and the SuperYacht Pavilion at the Amsterdam RAI exhibition centre.

“While we have a stand in Hall 1 to cater for boats of all sizes, the SuperYacht Pavilion stand gives our company the opportunity to target large yachts,” says Frank Marciano, president of Dometic Group marine division. “It is manned by our large-boat specialist systems engineers who are at the stand to offer advice during the show.”

He believes that while the global superyacht market has seen a slight downturn, the future remains bright.

“We did see a reduction is business in the superyacht sector in 2009 but there is certainly a lot more activity at the moment and we expect to see a definite pick-up in 2010,” he says.