Boat transportation firm PSP has revealed how one of its vessels came close to being boarded by Somali pirates.

The incident took place earlier this month as the boat transporter entered the waters around Egypt to get a 30M Sunseeker to the Dubai International Boat Show.

PSP was tasked with transporting the superyacht to Dubai in time for the show’s opening morning on March 1.

Its boat transporter loaded the Sunseeker in Antwerp on January 26 and everything was on track for a calm sailing to the port of Jebel Ali.

However, as the vessel reached the Suez Canal in Egypt it was clear that it wasn’t going to be as straightforward as originally planned.

Due to the civil unrest in the country, the canal had been closed and there was a heavy backlog of vessels waiting to get through the narrow waterway. With time ticking away to get the Sunseeker to the show on time, it put two days on the Sunseeker’s transit time.

The vessel had to make its way through dangerous waters near the coast of Oman, where attacks by pirates are commonplace.

With such an expensive cargo, the vessel had to join a military convoy and travel slowly through the danger zone, ensuring it kept its speed down to six knots