Fabio Perini, founder of the Perini Navi Group, has won the Piacenza Cashmere Yacht Capital Award 2011.

The award was granted in recognition of the commitment, involvement and determination with which the Perini Navi Group has earned high regard worldwide.

The award ceremony, organized by the Italian magazine Yacht Capital, was planned to coincide with the 150th anniversary of united Italy to empathize the commitment, the involvement and the determination with which the Italian shipbuilding sector has pursued the high levels of worldwide regard that it enjoys today.

“Thanks to all of you,” says Fabio Perini during the award ceremony held at Genoa’s Yacht Club Italiano’s prestigious clubhouse. “Even though I think that the shipyard workers and the staff are really the people who deserve this award.”

Fabio Perini is the founder of the Perini Navi Group. Since the 1980s the company has specialized in designing, engineering and marketing large sailing yachts that can be handled easily by minimal crew thanks to a series of innovative systems that allow for totally automated sail handling.

In 2007 the Group also began to build motor yachts with the brand name Picchiotti.