Malta’s Super Yacht Industry Network elected a new committee for 2009/10 at its AGM in Monaco last week, the third since the formation of the superyacht business cluster back in August 2007.

Gino Cutajar of Cutrico was elected president, with Joe Degabriele of Malta Super Yacht Service (MSYS) as vice-president, Stephen Vella of Automation Technologies in charge of public relations and administration, Andrew Wilson of Manoel Island Yacht Yard (MIYY) as secretary and Mark Darmanin Kissaun of Malta Yacht Repair Service (MYRS) as member.

Over the last 12 months, Malta’s Super Yacht Industry Network has steered the industry through a global recession as well as the privatisation process of Malta’s state-owned yards. Looking ahead, the network has forged links with other entities such as the Employment and Training Corporation, analysing the potential demand for specialised skills and related training needs once the momentum picks up again.

“Malta is not only still an important superyacht wintering and repair destination but is also actively enhancing its capacity and capabilities through various efforts, addressing training and quality,” said newly elected president Gino Cutajar.

The 2009/2010 members of the Super Yacht Industry Network include Automation Technologies Ltd, Cutrico Marine, Ellcee Nautical Services, Malta Super Yacht Services, Malta Yacht Repair Services, Manoel Island Yacht Yard, Marshall Marine Services, Melita Power Diesel, RLR Yachting, UNEC Ltd and XL Marine Structural Ltd.