Mackay Marina Shipyard in Queensland, Australia, is planning to increase its capacity by 40 per cent in a bid to win superyacht business.

The bold plan, which will cost up to A$10m, involves the purchase of adjacent land and the acquisition of a new 150t travel lift. Currently it is capable of handling 65t.

“At the moment a lot of the bigger vessels have to go to Brisbane or Cairns,” explains Jeff Smith, CEO of Port Binnli, which owns Mackay Marina Shipyard. “We believe there are more than 90 vessels of the weight we’d be able to handle in Mackay and the Whitsundays. Obviously yacht owners would benefit as well because it would help them to reduce the cost of their maintenance and down-time.”

Smith adds that, with its new capacity, the Mackay Marina Shipyard will be able to accommodate 35 boats and employ up to 50 extra workers.