From late December through early January, you were hard-pressed to turn on the news and not see footage of the floods that devastated the state of Queensland in Australia. The flooding was so significant, three-quarters of the state has been declared a disaster area. This is also the worst natural disaster in more than a century.

While Queensland-based marine businesses such as Azzura Marine and Aqualuma (indeed, most members of Superyacht Brisbane) were thankfully not affected by the onslaught of water, the companies are asking clients, suppliers, and others to help support what will certainly be a long clean-up and recovery effort.

Specifically, both firms are requesting donations be made to the Queensland government’s flood fund, the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal. To date, the fund has more than AUS$123m. Aqualuma is also donating AUS$10 for every LED underwater light sold worldwide by the end of March.

The company’s managing director, Carl Amor, says, “We are a proud Queensland company, and this is our way of doing something for this great state in which we live and work. We hope this gesture will be followed up by other Queensland and Australian companies, as the people of Queensland need all the help they can get.

“Aqualuma’s management and staff wish all their fellow Queenslanders a speedy recovery and send their deepest condolences to the families who have lost loved ones in this tragedy.”