While the London Boat Show includes several large yachts, its superyacht involvement tends to increase year-on-year. This year was no exception, with Sunseeker including the largest yacht ever exhibited inside in the form of its 33m (108ft) special edition Predator. The company also gave more information about its Zeus project, which is already building at 46m (151ft) and will possibly go up to about 54m (177ft) in the future. Princess, also following a similar strategy, was showing a model of its 32m (105ft) and 40m (131ft) designs.

As for other superyacht brands, Lamberti Motor Yachts was a new name for the show. This company offers a range between 21m-41m (68ft-135ft) with the yachts being built at an undisclosed southern China yard in or near the Pearl River Delta. Dennis Boon of Lamberti Motor Yachts told SBN that “a couple of potential buyers are visiting the show this week”. He is responsible for European and international sales.

Another newcomer was Explorer Yachts, which recently won the distribution contract for Monte Fino yachts which range up to 37m (122ft) in size and are built in Taiwan. Last year Monte Fino acquired the rights to Trader Yachts when it went into liquidation. Explorer also sells Princess and Marlow yachts from its Cardiff base.

Birchwood Marine is also a new name at the show, offering a range that includes a 27m (88ft) model and a 30m (100ft) design. The latter has not yet been built but will be made in China at a yard south of Shanghai. The company will also be marketing yachts built by Gulfcraft in the UAE under a Birchwood Majesty branding. A spokesman for the company told SBN: “Birchwood is long established and has recently revamped the business. To date not many Majesty yachts have been sold in the UK.”

The Burgess company Oceanstyle also showed expansion through its business of marketing both Outer Reef trawler type yachts built in Taiwan and Benetti semi-custom yachts in the Classic, Tradition and Vision series. These Benetti yachts range from 27m (90ft) up to 50m (164ft) and the Outer Reef yachts fall in the 18m-35m (58ft-115ft) size range.