Yang Chiu-hsing, a senior minister in Taiwan’s government, has called for policy changes to develop the yachting industry. Yang plans to brief Taiwan Premier Jiang Yih-huah following a trip to Hong Kong.

Yang told a local paper that Wushih Harbor in Ilan County is the best place to build a yachting infrastructure. He recommended that the luxury tax on yachts be eliminated to create more yacht sales.

The construction of marinas and other infrastructure should be the country’s first priority. Besides Wushih,  Bisha in Keelung, Anping in Tainan and Hsingda in Kaohsiung are all harbours that could be developed towards yachting.

Yang said that most Taiwanese did not have access to the sea when the country was under martial law, from 1949 to 1987, but times have changed. He also said the government should ease visa restrictions for foreign yachts coming to Taiwan.

While Taiwan is ranked number five in the world for building yachts, most are exported. The development of a yacht and pleasure-boat market in the country could lead to even more jobs for the country’s marine industry. The government could also collect taxes on boats registered in the country.