US Marshalls confiscated most contents of the booth of Inace Yachts at the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS).

According to The Triton, federal law enforcement officials confiscated furniture, file cabinets, a television and some sales materials on Friday 28 October over a US$1m warranty dispute between the shipyard and a client.

John DeCaro, president of All Ocean Yachts, a brokerage firm that represents Inace in the US, said that his firm had nothing to do with the dispute.

“It’s between the owner and the shipyard over a warranty dispute,” he told the website.

Michael Moore, an attorney for the owner, told the website that the dispute began as a warranty issue with 34m (111ft) Catalonian Spirit, which was launched in 2008. He said that his client prevailed in court, but Inace would not cooperate in paying the final judgment.

“When an international company thumbs their nose at the justice system in the US, it can’t be ignored,” Clay Naughton, an attorney with Moore & Company, told the website. “This Brazilian company is not judgment proof.”

The judge in the case decided that the owner could go after Inace’s assets in the US.

“It was a little bit of an effort to get someone’s attention,” said Moore. “We did what we were instructed to do by our client.”