Work is due to start on a new 400-berth marina in Goa on the west coast of India early next year.

The new facility is being developed by an associate company of the large Indian Chowgule group which has a wide range of interests including shipping, mining, shipbuilding and logistics.

Goa Yacht Haven Ltd is charged with planning and developing the facility. It will be completed in 2012 and have an, as yet, unspecified number of superyacht berths.

According to a Daily News report Umail Chowgule was quoted as saying: “Work on the facility is expected to start early next year and it is due to be be completed within two years.

“I think there is a natural fit between boating and Goa. Without Goa, this project would have been a far more difficult proposition.”

Consultants for the project are Aquasail Distribution Co Pvt Ltd and Walcon.

Aquailsail has previously undertaken a number of marina feasibility studies in Kochi and Chennai as well as Goa.

This project has been active for some time but has been delayed by the market downturn.