Yachting Financial Solutions (YFSOL) founders Clive and Teresa Evans announced their first regional partners at the Monaco Yacht Show last week.

As of October 1, Ross Murray and Bridget Edwards, former captain and chief stewardess of charter yacht Kalikobass II, will be YFSOL’s new regional partners for Spain, based in Palma.

“In January 2009, following 16-plus years of experience in working exclusively with professional yachtsmen, we transformed Clive Evans IFA, into Yachting Financial Solutions, offering a truly international financial planning service dedicated to yachting,” says YFSOL chairman Clive Evans.

“Our long term vision and goal was the ability to offer this service via a small number of regional partners, all from within the yachting industry, in key yachting centres both in the Caribbean and Europe, supported by YFSOL’s global hub in Antibes, France.

“Once we have consolidated Spain, we plan to build our regional presence throughout 2011 and 2012, with regional partners in the Caribbean and Italy, using the same model of ‘Financial Planning for Yachtsmen by Yachtsmen’.”