Arcadia Yachts used the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show to spread word about its productive period in the yard and commercial success internationally.

Six units are presently under construction, two units for each new model in the GPR range: Arcadia Sherpa and Arcadia 100, while the 11th hull of the Arcadia 85 is being built and the 5th hull of the flagship Arcadia 115. The 11th Arcadia 85 was sold to a Peruvian/Latin American owner and the first Arcadia 100 has been sold to an Italian client.

Arcadia 100 hull number two is currently being laminated. This process will be completed by the end of December, 2015. Three of the units under production have commissions, while the remaining three are to built on spec and will allow Arcadia Yachts to participate to the next international boat shows in calendar year 2016 with proper “demo-yachts”. The yard says several serious negotiations are underway for the new entries Arcadia Sherpa and Arcadia 100, before their official unveiling and launches.

Ugo Pellegrino, president and CEO of Arcadia Yachts comments, “Our new yacht owners will contribute to spread out the presence of our brand worldwide. Arcadia touches base with unexplored waters like Peru and again with the Middle East. I believe it’s a very important achievement for a niche product. Our concepts require time to be accepted. We knew from the very beginning, and we still experience it, that there are no “in betweens” with our yachts. I truly did not expect such an extensive territorial coverage in such a short time. But being a transversal product surely helped us to reach different countries and nationalities acclaim.”

Image: Arcadia 100