By Dag Pike

bagliettoItalian shipyard Baglietto, which was close to closure two years ago, is now riding a boom in new construction work with five large motoryachts under construction. These range from 43m-53m (141ft-174ft) in length and represent a remarkable comeback for the yard since it was taken over by the Gavio Group. Now coming up to its 125th anniversary, Baglietto looks set for a strong future.

The Gavio Group embraces many transportation interests ranging from ports and infrastructure to motorway service areas. Beniamino Gavio acquired the Baglietto shipyards along with the Cerri business, a relative newcomer in the fast motoryacht market. The two yards were acquired in early 2012 but as far as Baglietto was concerned it was only the shipyard in La Spezia that was included in the deal and not the original Baglietto yard in Varreze. Since then around €20m has been invested in the La Spezia yard to restructure the facilities and to add two new covered dry docks and a new building hall able to accommodate yachts up to 55m (180ft) in length. This building hall is nearly complete now, whilst the restructuring of the northern section of the yard including a new travel hoist has been completed.

As the work on expanding the shipyard moves towards completion, the yard is now also open for refit work with the new covered dry docks capable of accommodating yachts up to 120m (394ft). For the future the CEO of Baglietto, Diego Deprati, sees the yard operating in three sectors. The new-build work on yachts will be focused on both displacement and planing yachts up 60m (197ft). For refit work the yard will be able to handle some of the largest yachts afloat with the new covered dry docks and these can also be used for new construction work. Finally, Baglietto will also seek new-build work in the military sector where they have a long experience and they have built smaller aluminium leisure craft based on the same format they would use for military craft.

The yard in La Spezia will focus mainly on aluminium and steel construction, while composite construction will remain at the Cerri yard in Marina di Carrara, some 18 miles up the coast. This yard will also focus on the planned composite military craft.

Currently under construction at Baglietto are two 46m (151ft) motoryachts and a 53m (174ft) using steel construction combined with aluminium superstructures. Two yachts in the Baglietto Fast Line are also under construction, one of 43m (141ft) and one of 46m (151ft) with construction in all aluminium.