French shipyard Couach makes a comeback with a new management team and announces that a contemporary range of yachts is in the drawing board.

Walter Ceglia

New Couach CEO Walter Ceglia. Photo credit Marc de Tienda

Chantier Naval Couach has announced a number of dynamic changes to its team. The French shipyard has also revealed a new range of yacht designs, which it claims represents a more contemporary look for the company.

Commenting on the announcement, Christian Chevalier, CEO of Nepteam, which bought Couach in 2011, says: “There have been some hard times for Couach but today we are focused on new projects and investments.

“These efforts have resulted in new client orders and exciting collaborations, and there is a positive momentum at the shipyard. We continue to focus on the growth and development of Couach, always considering the excellence of the vessels we build and the client satisfaction they bring.”

Management team

Taking on the role of CEO is Walter Ceglia. He brings two decades of experience in the energy, automotive and electronics industries across four continents to Couach.

Ceglia is expected to bring a new tempo to the yard’s activities, while working with his predecessor to continue the strengths for which the company is best known.

“Working for a company that is responsible for the production of such a high-quality yachts from the start of the design process through to delivery is was one of the greatest draws for this role,” Ceglia comments. “Yachting is a personal passion of mine, and I look forward to combining my business and analytical skills with my experience in manufacturing at Couach.”

Ceglia is joined by new deputy general manager Michel Prezioso, who will also be managing the marketing and sales activities for Couach.

Prezioso comments: “I have known the Couach brand for many years and I firmly believe that the opportunities and potential for development will deliver incredible success to the shipyard. We are writing a new page in the history of Couach, and I am motivated to contribute to this.”

Also joining the company is Camille Pinel who has taken on the role of marketing and communications assistant and Virginie Piccolo has joined the firm’s commercial department.

New projects

Couach also released the first details of two new concepts from in-house designers Clément Carbonne and Diane Viboud, as part of a fully revised product line.

38m explorer yacht concept

A 38m explorer model with a semi-displacement hull is among the new concepts in the pipeline

The concept for a 38m explorer model with a semi-displacement hull is among the new concepts in the pipeline. Couach says it is also working “on the largest superyacht design to come from the company’s own drafting table”.

More details on the new ranges will be released in the coming months, but the boatbuilder has suggested the new range will include more elements for customization.

In total, four new lines and a number of new models between 13m and 50m will be revealed, including a ‘classical’ line and ‘super-sport’ line.

23m yacht

Under construction: 23m yacht due for delivery later in the year

The yachts will continue to be built on a platform of performance, including the comfort enhancing and planing V hulls.

Couach is currently in the final phases of construction of a 23m flybridge yacht. The project is sold and will be delivered by the end of 2016.