New 34m motoryacht is the first of five projects ordered by clients who want a Feadship vessel under the 40m range

New 34m motoryacht is the first of five projects ordered by clients who want a compact Feadship cruiser

Feadship has launched a 34m motoryacht, the first of five projects in development under 40m. The Dutch shipyard says it has embarked on building these smaller craft upon proposals from clients.

“Three years ago, the owner of a pure custom Feadship asked us to build a smaller yacht to Feadship standards,” CEO Henk de Vries explains. The yacht, he says, needed to have a length and draught that would allow access to new markets where mooring facilities are restricted and facilitate cruising in shallower depths.

Commenting on the challenge, de Vries says: “We don’t like saying no to clients at Feadship so we decided to explore whether it was even practical to design and construct a 34m cruiser to Feadship quality within the boundaries of this compact size.”

A research conducted by Feadship established that building such a custom yacht was indeed possible but it would only be economically viable for the client if the shipyard built three of them to the same design template.

The shipyard agreed to its client’s proposal as long as he could introduce two more clients who would like to order one of these Feadships while having flexibility in terms of the interior.

Hull 692, the first to touch water, features interiors from the boards of Bannenberg & Rowell Design. Hull 691 and Hull 693 will be launched in the near future. Feadship says these would have different features and guest accommodation layouts.

In addition, Feadship has received another request from a cliente for something similar, albeit a metre longer.

“The superyacht owners’ community is a tight knit one, however, news spread among them of these super innovative projects,” says de Vries. “And the same process recently played out with another owner who also twisted our arm to build the fifth and final one. Every owner with a vision for the exceptional is welcome at Feadship,” he concludes.

These last two compact Feadships will be launched next year.

Technical details have not been disclosed, but Feadship says in a statement that these vessels will be cruising at a speed of 19 knots.