Newest model by the Dutch boatbuilder Vanquish Yachts is a crossover between a water scooter and a superyacht tender

Vanquish Yachts in the Netherlands has announced that the Vanqraft 16, its newest model, has completed her first test drive.

Powered by a 200hp Yamaha 1.8 L engine with jet propulsion, this vessel is capable of achieving 40 knots. The unit is also available in a Veloce version designed to reach 50 knots.

The Vanqraft 16 is a crossover between a water scooter and a superyacht tender that can transport up to five passengers.

Vanquish owner Tom Steentjes created the concept for this vessel. He has worked in close collaboration with the designers at Guido de Groot and Studio Delta to combine design, naval architecture and performance.

Vanqraft 16 boasts a 5m LOA, a beam of 1.6m and 0.20m drought. The builder defines it as a water scooter and claims its launch will revolutionise the water toy and tender market.

“With no other product in the world to compare it too, the launch of the awesome Vanqraft 16 fun machine was always going to be a very exciting moment,” Vanquish says in a statement.

Summer debut

The first test drive was completed on Saturday 11 March. Vanquish has said that the first units of the new Vanqraft 16 will be touring the south of France and the Balearics in May and June.

As a crossover vessel, Vanqraft 16 combines manoeuvrability and comfort compared to other water scooters and first-rate technology.

“It’s easy to see this tender is a true Vanquish from a distance, and like all Vanquish boats, each Vanqraft can be adapted to personal tastes,” the builder explains.

The Vanqraft 16 also sails in reverse when required, and the jet drive, built flat into the hull makes it easy to fit into any tender garage.