mcw2McMullen & Wing has launched its 50m expedition motoryacht Y/N 1016. The operation was completed to schedule on Tuesday January 12th at the shipyards’ private marina where the yacht will remain for several days before being moved to Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour. The steel and aluminium yacht has a 6,000 nm range.

Designed by Greg Marshall, she is the second in McMullen & Wing’s Diamond series, and the largest yacht ever built by the New Zealand-based shipyard. She is the heaviest yacht yet to be launched on its slipway.

mcmullen1The new yacht will remain in Auckland as she gets the finishing touches and undergoes her commissioning and sea trials over the weeks ahead with a hand over scheduled for the end of March. Her name remains under wraps for the time being.

Increasing its workforce dramatically for the two year project, chief executive Michael Eaglen told SB, “We’re really happy with the workforce and really proud of them.”

Of the yachts voyage plan Eaglen revealed, “She’ll explore the world. Head out from New Zealand and probably not sit still for a while.”

The yacht features a low cockpit almost like a sports fishing boat and is characterised by an informal relaxed beachy style with a big connection to the water.mcw3

Following the launch McMullen & Wing has been lining up another couple of new builds – one in aluminium and one in steel, which are from the Diamond and Flow series the shipyard has been promoting heavily.