New 28m cruiser-racer superyacht is under construction and will make her debut at the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup 2018.

Wally 93

Wally 93. Photo by María Muiña/ Sailingshots

Wally, a Monaco-based shipyard, has announced the sale of a new cruiser-racer Wally 93. The 28m yacht has been developed for an existing Wally owner who is a keen racing yachtsman.

Wally 93 features Wally’s latest hull lines with the distinctive large stern and big interior volumes, resulting into the new generation cruiser-racer, superfast and comfortable vessel. Naval architecture is by Judel Vrolijk.

“The Wally 93 fully reflects the Wally DNA to combine exceptional cruising capabilities and outstanding performance,” says Luca Bassani, Wally founder and president.

“Additionally, the deck is ultra-clean with huge living areas.  She is so beautiful to fall in love at first sight!,” he adds.

Under construction

The new Wally 93 is currently under construction and her launch is scheduled in the summer 2018. The Monegasque boatbuilder says it is using the most advanced composite technology to provide for the super reduced displacement and increased rigidity.

Building materials are like those used in the America’s cup boats: high modulus unidirectional carbon fibre, and CNC female carbon fibre mould.

Wally is currently closing the new high performance world cruiser Wally 143, and the fifth unit of the 27 Wallyace, and has under construction the fourth Wallycento, scheduled to be launched in the summer.

New Wally 93

Commenting on the new project Bassani says: “The design of the Wally 93 benefits from the experience of Open Season, the uncontested leader of the Wally Class, and of the Maxi72 winners of the last three worlds, all designed by Judel Vrolijk.”

According to Bassani, the new Wally 93 is very light and powerful with a displacement of only 35.5-tonne and a sail area/displacement ratio even more powerful than that of the Wallycentos.

The weights are centred amidships to minimize the pitching. The lifting keel provides for the draft to extend from 4.5 to 6,2 metres to increase the righting moment in the broad reach and the lift upwind.

“A Wally is the perfect syntheses between a high performance cruising yacht and a competitive racer,” says Rolf Vrolijk of Judel Vrolijk & Co., responsible of the Wally 93 naval architecture.

“This new design is streamlined for the Wally Class racing circuit, that is the most competitive racing in high performance cruising yachts in the Mediterranean,” he observes.

Vrolijk also notes that the Wally 93 will be able to keep her lane after the start on the first upwind leg. “The performance are optimised for the light to medium conditions: the yacht will have the ability to start surfing with 16 knots of wind, and easily capable to exceed the true wind speed,” he concludes.

Deck and Interiors

The Wally 93 introduces a new deck style that camouflages the central social cockpit and the coamings, looking like a full flush with plenty of living areas, unobstructed from any manoeuvre.

The salon has more privacy than in the standard layouts because it is separated from the access to down below. The companionway leads to the passageway of the crew and guest cabins and to the galley area.

Enhanced privacy also for the owners area, located forward the salon, while the two guest cabins are aft.

Wally says the styling is under development with an innovative concept that will open up a new route in light displacement yacht decoration.