By Robert Wielaard

Moonen Yachts says it will soon have in build three boats of its semi-custom Caribbean series. The yard launched the series of six multi-deck yachts in May of 2014 only and credits an improving exchange rate for its performance in the United States.

The US market is there again for us,” says Moonen Yachts sales manager Johan Dubbelman.

Having built 75 yachts since 1981, Moonen introduced the Caribbean series in 2014, offering six different designs in the 30 to 50m range and named after islands in the Caribbean.

It is now building a 30m, raised pilot-house Matica (photo) and a fast-displacement, wheelhouse Martinique of 36.6m. Construction of a second Martinique is due to begin soon.

Moonen sold two ‘Caribbean’ boats at the 2014 Palm Beach International Boat Show. Dubbleman says increasingly his company’s “marketing direction will be focused on the Caribbean series boats given the interest they generate.”

The yachts are made of in high-tensile steel to make them strong and light and have been conceived by Rene van der Velden Yacht Designers and Naval Architects.