Northrop & Johnson and Mondomarine have announced a new global brokerage agreement with the Italian shipyard taking full advantage of N&J’s marketing prowess. N&J has committed to supporting all Mondomarine projects and new builds moving forward.

Spearheaded by three dedicated brokers on three continents (Philip Bell in Fort Lauderdale, Jonathan Browne in Antibes and Bart Kimman in Hong Kong), Northrop & Johnson and Mondomarine will jointly work on sales and marketing efforts for the swift and successful sale of the central agencies.

“The team and I are looking forward to working with this impressive builder throughout the coming boat shows, as well as integrating the yachts into the sales industry,” says Philip Bell.

N&J will be the central agent on Mondomarine’s exciting upcoming projects. Northrop & Johnson has listed the M60, M50, SF40, M50S, M50GTO, M54, M57 EIDOS, M33, M40, M43, M45, M60S, SF30, SF35, SF40, SF60 and SM45.

“We all are very happy about this [global brokerage agreement] with Northrop & Johnson,” says Mondomarine co-owner and CEO Roberto Zambrini.

The collaboration is the latest strategic move from Mondomarine which has recently rebranded and also aquired Cantieri di Pisa for an undisclosed sum.