Tank testing the Oceanic 140′

Oceanic Yachts has revealed that work on the hull number one of the Oceanic 90′ is progressing well but hull number one of the 140′ Dielec will be pushed to spring of 2015 due to client’s wish to modify some elements of the interior design.

The hull of the first Oceanic 140′ has had its hull laminated and its partition has already been completed with the superstructure construction running along with deck partition and installation. During the month of March 2014 the main deck lamination as well as the bulb have been completed as well. The completion of the yacht has been rescheduled for the spring of 2015 due to the owner’s decision to make some changes to the interior design. The yacht will be exhibited to the public at the Cannes and Monaco shows in 2015.

The hull has undergone comprehensive tank testing at the Italian Naval Institute resulting in a twin-stepped hull that reduces friction and increases low speed performance and stability. The 43m composite built expedition yacht is capable of 5,400 nautical miles range at 8.5 knots (less than 50 liters/13 US gallons per hour fuel consumption), but also does well cruising between 22 and 24-knots, with a top speed close to 27 knots.

This yard says this concept offers the best of both displacement and semi-planning configurations, more specifically displacement at speeds under 14-knots and semi-planning above that speed. In general, displacement speeds offer lower consumption and longer range, while semi-planning offers higher performances.