The Auckland-based company also carries out additional refit work on the 41m sailing yacht.

Photo credit Lissa Reyden

Photo credit Lissa Reyden

IMED, a custom control panel builder based in Auckland, has completed a redesign and fitting of new helm stations on Destination, a 41m sailing yacht designed by Dubois and built by Alloy Yachts in 2003.

With an eye for detail and design, IMED works to craft helm panels that suit each yacht’s aesthetic. The New Zealand company is headed by director David Chalmers and Tony Chandler in the role of operations manager.

The company says the recent work follows on from a long relationship between IMED and the 41m sailing yacht.

“David and his team continue to support Destination and we value their expertise and professional services,” Destination‘s captain says. “There is not another electrical company we would rather deal with.”

Refit work

The IMED team has also completed work on the yacht, implementing new main engine monitoring displays, a bridge navigational watch alarm system (BNWAS) and an updated B&G system.

Cosmetically appealing, waterproof and backlit for night vision, the new panels boast state of-the-art controls.

Photo credit Lissa Reyden

Photo credit Lissa Reyden

The company claims to be unique in that it not only creates new and effective solutions to functionality and waterproofing but also produces some of the most elegantly designed and aesthetically appealing work on the market.

Destination is a classic yacht with a rigorous charter schedule that demands consistent high performance from all components onboard.

IMED says its helms come with a small panel of spares which allow the onboard engineer to change any parts necessary while on the go.

IMED will be at METSTRADE show in Amsterdam in November.