The UK refit and repair yard based in Southampton recently secured a 30-year lease for the shipyard. The company it’s set to grow its preferred partner programme to offer a multitude of services and products.

Solent Refit

Aerial view of Solent Refit at Southampton Water

Solent Refit, the Southampton-based refit yard in the UK, has entered into a preferred partner agreement with water treatment systems specialist Cathelco and its Antibes-based subsidiary HEM.

Cathelco, with headquarters in Chesterfield, Derbyshire (UK), claims to be a world leader in water treatment systems for superyachts and commercial vessels. The company supplies a wide range of equipment including impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems and marine growth prevention systems (MGPS) to protect the hulls and pipework of leisure and commercial vessels and is known for having developed a ballast water treatment system for superyachts.

In 2015 Cathelco boosted its activities in the superyacht sector with the acquisition of HEM, a manufacturer of desalinators and associated equipment.

Water treatment on superyachts

The new partnership comes timely as owners of ocean going superyachts will have to comply with new International Maritime Organization (IMO) legislation governing the discharge of ballast water.

This will involve the installation of ballast water treatment systems of which Cathelco is one of a few manufacturers capable of producing smaller or modular systems for the superyacht industry.

The IMO expects its convention covering discharges to enter force worldwide in November 2016 following ratification by 30 of its member states and achieving 35% of the global tonnage. However, some industry experts expect implementation to be pushed back to early or mid-2017.

Allan Foot

Solent Refit managing director Allan Foot

Commenting on the partnership, Allan Foot, managing director of Solent Refit, says: “We are delighted to make it official that Cathelco is a preferred partner. It offers our clients peace of mind to know we can offer a smooth transitional package of works to speed up refits.”

Solent Refit recently secured a 30-year lease for the shipyard in Southampton and the company is set to grow its preferred partner programme to offer a multitude of services and products.

“Solent Refit has a great location on the South Coast of England and can host as many as 16 yachts up to 65 metres in length,” comments Sam Wand, sales manager of Cathelco’s superyacht division. The flexible nature of the yard allows us to carry out work easily and economically alongside the Solent Refit team.”

Based in Hythe, Solent Refit provides 10,000sq m of undercover working halls and waterside working areas combined with a skilled workforce of marine specialists.

With a strong emphasis on British craftsmanship, the company’s aim is to attract a larger proportion of the refit work that is currently carried out in Mediterranean yards and elsewhere.

“If refits are of a certain size then we are willing to cover deviation fuel costs from the Mediterranean and the likes and take full advantage of the price of the Euro this winter,” Foot concludes.