By Stef Bottinelli

The world’s largest sailing yacht, named Sailing Yacht A, has made its debut, sailing in a series of sea trials off the coast of Germany.

Also known as White Pearl, the142m yacht is being built for 43-year-old Russian billionaire Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko, one of Russia’s 10 richest people.

The mogul reportedly spent £292 million on the yacht, which he helped to design. The boat has eight decks and will have a crew of 54.

Dutch firm Dykstra Naval Architects was contracted for the ship design and the massive boat is under construction at ADM Kiel for Nobiskrug in Germany.

One of the yacht’s several superlative design features is an enormous 193-square-foot curved glass observation pod in the vessel’s hull allowing the billionaire and his guests undersea views.

Three of the world’s tallest carbon composite free-standing masts were constructed for the yacht by Magma Structures. The rigs are designed to withstand bending loads of more than 40Mn; more than twice the load on a Boeing Dreamliner wing.