Italian yacht builder Wider has announced that sea trials on the Wider 150 Genesi have moved on to pay attention to the lithium polymer battery banks that make up the heart of the superyacht’s power system. Genesi, a 46m motoryacht, was launched in October this year.

The batteries, supplied by EST technologies in Holland, are the latest development in LiPo batteries with a total capacity of 546kWh, Wider claims. The builder says this energy source is more than sufficient to supply the entire hotel system on board as well as the propulsion, which is Wider’s own Zero Emission Mode (ZEM).

The performance of the batteries was exhaustively tested over the last few days, as she was run exclusively on her batteries in sea trials off the coast of Ancona, close to the Wider Superyacht Division headquarters.

“The battery tests were a great success,” comments Tilli Antonelli, Wider founder and CEO. “The yacht ran comfortably at 5 knots in ZEM consuming no fuel whatsoever… but the most remarkable and memorable aspect was that she ran in total silence!”

These latest sea trials have been a source of  satisfaction to the Wider team as they belief that diesel electric technology can be applied to a superyacht with outstanding benefits to the owner in terms of performance and on board comfort.